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IT for Insurance Companies

SharePoint Is the Industry Leading Intranet SolutionIt’s Time to Take Advantage of an IT Services Platform Designed Specifically for Insurers

Insurers are under more pressure than ever to respond quickly and provide more value, and they need to do it while operating under a litany of constantly shifting regulations. To function effectively, insurers can’t afford downtime or operational hiccups caused by malfunctioning technology.

We have developed an IT services platform specifically for the needs of independent insurance agencies. Our team of business IT experts brings with them the technical skill to manage every part of an insurer’s technology needs, including ensuring compliance with all regulatory demands. Being able to rely on your IT management service to deliver the results you expect to keep your business running smoothly, provides the peace of mind to focus on your clients, not on technology problems.

Martech Business Solutions Eliminates Risk

Our Managed IT Services Take the Risk Out of IT

To minimize the complexity of our offering, we’ve included nearly everything an insurance company needs to effectively manage and maintain their operational stability. Our offering is catered to insurers, brokers, and risk managers, and fueled by our certified and experienced IT professionals. We can help your firm find the technology it needs, implement it, and actively support it.  

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance - Our technicians constantly monitor your network and infrastructure to catch issues before they become operational problems.
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery - Your data is the lifeblood of your business. We work to back up your data and establish continuity procedures to sufficiently manage situational risk.
  • Boosting Cybersecurity - Insurers hold a lot of very sensitive information and need to do everything they can to protect it. Our consultants understand the security and regulatory demands of the industry and can assist in mitigating the myriad of threats targeting insurers. 
  • Around the Clock Support - We pride ourselves on being available for our clients. That’s why we have around-the clock remote support that can help fix most of the technical issues an insurer could experience. 
  • Professional Consulting and Procurement - Our experienced IT technicians have the knowledge to help insurers put the technology in place to improve their ability to serve their clients.
  • Predictable Costs - A major problem with traditional technology support, you run into hidden costs. With our help, you will get a predictable figure taking the guesswork out of it. 

Stay Complaint

Reliability Eliminates Compliance Concerns

For Insurers, staying compliant is one of the most crucial aspects of using technology. Our team eases both the compliance workload and helps mitigate risk through our adherence to best practices and our knowledge of industry regulations. By helping insurers find the tools to help make meeting compliance regulations easier and supplying our brand of powerful IT services, any insurance firm will effectively eliminate risk and experience a more consistent operational approach.

If your firm would like more information about our brand of comprehensive managed services, call us today at (248) 844-8250.

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