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You Need to Alter Your Strategies to Train Your Employees

You Need to Alter Your Strategies to Train Your Employees

Would you believe it if we told you that the members of Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z are more likely to fall for online shopping scams than those aged 60 or over? Well, according to the Federal Trade Commission, the numbers aren’t even close. If you’re under age 60, you’re 86 percent more likely to fall prey to scammers.

Let’s take a closer look at the report and how it can inform cybersecurity practices for your business.

Different Scams for Different Fams

Err, forgive the joke. Simply put, different scam tactics will be more effective versus particular age groups and demographics. While some scams are universally effective, others hit specific populations harder than others.

One example shows the FTC’s research on younger generations, who are more prone to online shopping fraud, investment scams, and job scams. This is compared to older generations who are more likely to find themselves on the receiving end of a technology-related scam or sweepstakes scam.

It’s also worth noting that different scams will leverage different mediums of attack. Younger Millennials and Generation Z are more likely to be targeted on social media, whereas Generation X and Baby Boomers are often the target of phone scams.

Young or Old, You’re At Risk of Being Scammed

There are so many scams present in the modern world that you can never be too careful. Letting your guard down could mean putting yourself, your family, your employer, or your business at risk. You’ll need to take measures to protect your organization, whether it’s implementing security tools, training your staff on the importance of cybersecurity, or both.

Martech Business Solutions can assist your business with any and all cybersecurity needs. To learn more about what we can do for your business, contact us today at (248) 844-8250.

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Thursday, 30 March 2023

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