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What is (and What Can Be Done About) Technology Fatigue?

What is (and What Can Be Done About) Technology Fatigue?

We use a lot of technology nowadays—enough that a phenomenon known as “technology fatigue” has started to set in. A lot of today’s employees are using technology at unprecedented levels, and with more being called for all the time, it can stress out these employees and actually act as a detriment to the businesses that hire them. Let’s take a few moments to talk about technology fatigue and how the burnout it causes can be tempered.

For All Its Benefits, Technology Brings Some Drawbacks

There is no denying that technology has been a major driving force behind the development of society. It’s helped forge connections between vast numbers of people, given countless people platforms to spread their thoughts and beliefs, and has consistently served as the greatest knowledge-sharing resource at humanity’s disposal.

That all being the case, it also needs to be said that technology and its use can be a stressor for a lot of people.

Businesses are more often assuming that their employees are going to keep up with more advanced technologies, taking it for granted that technology will just become the status quo in the business setting and the metric by which decision-makers gauge functionality. The thing is, not everyone agrees with this approach.

Just about everything about modern life and society—language, culture, the economy—is now directly impacted by technology. Many people have numerous personas that they’re juggling: their in-person, existential one, their professional one, and their online one. Sometimes, these personas compete with one another in unhealthy ways.

How often have you heard of a family meal being interrupted by a work call, or someone checking work email at a family event?

Technology is everywhere. There simply is no escaping it, and that’s where a lot of the problem with technology fatigue comes into play.

Understanding Technology Fatigue

Technology fatigue is, in essence, this stress and competition. The workday and personal life alike have become so packed with activities and commitments to distract us and ultimately make us less productive overall…and the fact that half or more of these activities and commitments are in a technological format that is new and uncomfortable doesn’t help.

A large chunk of the workforce grew up accustomed to an Internet delivered via dial-up connectivity…and another significant portion grew up before the Internet itself existed. The shift from analog to digital is not and has not been an easy one, and the rate at which things change only makes these challenges more, well, challenging. How many new things has technology introduced into your life in just the past few years?

What Can Be Done?

Fortunately, there are some things that can be done to help reduce the prevalence of technology fatigue—despite the fact that technology isn’t going to stop being used for the benefit of business operations. Here are some ways to avoid technology fatigue, or to help mitigate it if it has already settled in:

  • Take breaks: Regular breaks away from your technology are not only refreshing, but they can help reduce the stress and pressure that today’s constant notifications and alerts bring.
  • Take a day: If your stress gets really rough, expanding a break into an entire day may be called for. Invest the time in yourself to leave your devices behind and decompress.
  • Figure out what stresses you: Anxiety, stress, and anger can all be the end result of too much technology use in one’s life. Trying to identify the situations that manifest these feelings and reducing the tension they bring about can help a lot.
  • Establish boundaries: During office hours, it’s fair that others might have the expectation that you are available. This assumption needs to stop during these office hours. Separating work from home is important and will ultimately make your life that much better.

There is no getting around technology today. It is too helpful and invaluable to too many essential processes. However, that does not mean that it has to control one’s life. We can be here to help take some of the IT burden off your shoulders in the workplace, too. Learn more about what we can do by calling (248) 844-8250.

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