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Three Signs Your Business Technology is Due for a Refresh

Three Signs Your Business Technology is Due for a Refresh

If the technology in your office is holding your team back from making the most of their workday, then you know there is an opportunity present to implement new technology, whether it’s a hardware refresh or implementing new solutions entirely. Let’s go over how you might be able to tell if this is something that is currently affecting your business.

Here are some of the frustrations you might experience as it becomes time to upgrade your technology.

Your Technology is Slow

If you find your employees are getting bothered by slow technology, then it might be time to take a look at it. It makes sense that a computer will get slower the longer it is around, and eventually you’ll see it suffer from operational challenges and security issues. You need to establish a timeframe for when you update your computers. This should usually be somewhere around the three-to-five year mark, or whenever things start to get too slow for your liking.

We also recommend that you upgrade your servers around the four-year mark. It’s possible that you can get away with not doing so for longer, but we wouldn’t recommend it, because the process of updating and upgrading can be time-consuming in and of itself. If you overestimate the time it will take to upgrade your infrastructure, then you’ll have all your bases covered.

Your Company is Growing

If your organization has recently grown a fair bit, then new technology should become a priority so that you can keep up with the increased demand placed on your infrastructure. This is something that happens naturally as time goes on, and for any growing business, this kind of technology upgrade should be exciting rather than stressful. Easier said than done, though, when your entire infrastructure might need to be reexamined.

Legacy software, for instance, can absolutely hold your business back the longer it is around and the more your business grows. Old software that is no longer supported and does not play well with the rest of your infrastructure can be a challenge to move away from. Nevertheless, it is important to stay ahead of the curve in this regard, as before you know it, your systems could be relying on legacy software with no clear path forward.

You Have a Remote Team

A remote workforce presents certain challenges for businesses, as the technology needs for remote workers might change considerably compared to your in-house team. Cloud-hosted services, resources distributed through the cloud, are great for not just your remote team, but for your in-house team as well, and they can enable your operations to proceed however you see fit.

Cloud computing can potentially cut your costs by about one-third, if implemented properly, making them a powerful tool that can improve operations and save you money. Deploying resources, managing assets, and allocating solutions have never been easier. If you can think of it, chances are there is a Software-as-a-Service offering for it.

Martech Business Solutions can help your business implement or upgrade its current technology infrastructure. To learn more, call us today at (248) 844-8250.

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