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Phishing Continues to be a Serious Security Issue

Phishing Continues to be a Serious Security Issue

If there was a specific form of cyberattack that was responsible for a quarter of all data breaches, how seriously would you take it? Hopefully, pretty seriously, as this form of cyberattack exists. Phishing attacks, the infamous means of hacking an end user, remains a considerable threat to this day.

Reflecting on this, it seems prudent to review what phishing is and, crucially, how to avoid it.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a methodology that cybercriminals use to get what they want through subterfuge and deception, rather than technical skill. It’s pretty brilliant in its simplicity, if we’re to be honest.

Typically speaking, a phishing attack is conducted almost entirely through communications, as a cybercriminal attempts to fool their target into sharing the information they seek willingly. This is known as social engineering, and is a serious threat for today’s businesses.

This makes it all the more important that your team members are able to spot such attempts and respond to them appropriately—so, let’s help prepare you by going over the various aspects you need to take into consideration.

What Do You Need to Consider, In Terms of Phishing Attacks?

As we’ve established, phishing attacks primarily rely on the targeted end user being taken advantage of, but that isn’t the only thing to consider where phishing comes into play. For instance, you don’t have to worry about a phishing attack that doesn’t make it past your business’ defenses, so layering your protections to reinforce these defenses will help pay off.

Having said that, teaching your end users (or, in other words, your employees) how to spot and respond to attempted or even suspected phishing attacks is ultimately your most important defense, as they can make or break your cybersecurity posture. This means that your users need to keep the following practices in mind, always:

  • Do they recognize the sender of a suspicious email, or can it be confirmed via a quick Google search?
  • Do links match where they appear to go when you hover your cursor over them, or do they direct to somewhere unexpected?
  • Does the language and tone used in the message match the person it is purportedly from? On the subject, would they be the one to reach out to you for assistance?

If any of these factors don’t ring true, don’t hesitate to reach out to your IT for assistance.

We Can Provide This Assistance with Your IT

Martech Business Solutions will provide a comprehensive mix of IT support services that will ensure your business’ IT is there when you need it—helping to prevent security threats being just a part of it. Find out what we can offer you and your business by calling (248) 844-8250.

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Sunday, 02 October 2022

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